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Metal Pipes - Marijuana leaf on the outside and made from strong metal

If you are looking for a metal marijuana pipe for your home that you should not take with you outside then this is perfect for all users. Comes with a real marijuana cannabis leaf and is easy to clean and very portable. Can also be used for tobacco use and not only weed.

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Glass Pipes - Cheap large glass hand blown smoking pipe

Finding a glass pipe is easy because there is always a large selection at online head shops. You can choose from small to large and from many differents colors such as blue, red, brown, orange, green pink, yellow or black. You can watch the smoke rise as you inhale from this glass pipe. Can be used for smoking marijuana, weed, pot, ganja, cannabis or tobacco.

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Smoking Pipes - Custom used for pot, weed, tobacco and cannabis

If you are thinking of trying to make your own marijuana pipe we don't recommend it. It is not easy to make a marijuana pipe and homemade bongs and smoking instruments don't work that well and can harm your lungs. This is made from high quality metal and is unique and can be used for mixing marijuana and tobacco

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Cannabis Pipes - See through clear glass smoking pipe

You can watch the smoke right through this clear pipe from start to finish. Simply light the bud, weed, marijuana or tobacco and inhale the smoke from the custom mouth spout. No water required and the price is at near wholesale price. The is a custom piece for sale that is easy to clean and comes at a cheap price.

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Tobacco Pipes - Metal wholesale tobacco pipe

This one will fit right on your key chain and is excellent for beginners. You will also find others made from materials such as porcelain, silver, gold, and wood. This is easy to clean and easy to hide. Comes at a good discount price and can be used for various smoke products.

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Weed Pipes - Simple wood weed pipe

Why bother learning how to make a weed pipe from a homemade source when you can get this one for cheap. This is at wholesale cost and can save you trouble and time instead of wasting your own time by learning to make these smoking devices.

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